Anselmo Trinidad Reyes








Born 22 Nov 1959 in Manila, Philippines
Hong Kong Permanent Resident


June 1980

A.B. (Harvard) (Concentration: Economics)

June 1982

B.A. (Law) (Cambridge)

Admitted to M.A. degree January 1986.

June 1983

LL.M. (Cambridge)

Dec 1987

Ph.D. (Law) (Cambridge)

Dissertation: English and French Approaches to Personal Laws in South India: 1700 -1850


Law Lecturer, Department of Law,

University of Hong Kong

Subjects taught: Trusts; Mercantile Law; Land Law; Personal Property.

June 1986 – July 1988

Pupillage under Mr. Robert Ribeiro,

Temple Chambers

June 1988 – June 1989

1607 One Pacific Place, Hong Kong


Temple Chambers

June 1989 – Aug 2003

Senior Counsel

Temple Chambers

May 2001 – Aug 2003

Judge of First Instance, High Court

2004-2008: Judge in charge of the Construction and Arbitration List.

2008-2012: Judge in charge of the Admiralty and Commercial Lists respectively.

Sep 2003 – Sep 2012

Professor of Legal Practice, Faculty of Law,

University of Hong Kong

Oct 2012 –                 


Hague Conference, Asia Pacific Regional Office

Apr 2013 –                 

Panel of Arbitrators

of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration

Apr 2013 –                 

International Judge

of the Singapore International Commercial Court

Jan 2015 –                 


Call to the English Bar

(Inner Temple)

Nov 1985

Call to the Hong Kong Bar

(admitted to the Inner Bar in May 2001)

Sep 1986

Call to the Singapore Bar

March 1995

Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Since Nov 1997

CEDR Accredited Mediator

Since Oct 2006

Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators

Since July 2012


Hong Kong Law Journal

Reviews Editor, May - Oct 1987

Case Notes Editor, Oct 1987 - Jan 1990

Hong Kong Law Reports

Chief Sub-Editor, July 1989 - Dec 1996

Hong Kong Law Digest (later Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest)

Consultant Editor, June 1998 - July 2003

Member, Hong Kong Bar Council

Jan 1993 - Jan 1996; Jan 2002 - July 2003

Hong Kong University, Dept. of Law

Taught course on Selected Issues in Commercial Legal Practice with Prof. Lusina Ho. Second Semester 2005-6.

Halsbury Society Lecture, Merton College, Oxford

May 2006. Lecture on Sir Thomas Strange (Chief Justice of Madras 1801-16) and the Development of Anglo-Hindu Law.

Hong Kong Maritime Law Association

Lecture series on Civil Procedure under Civil Justice Reform. Delivered 6 one-hour lectures between February and April 2009 on Civil Justice Reform.

Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Judicial Training Seminar on Management and Adjudication of Construction Litigation: 15-16 April 2009. Spoke on case management and arbitration in relation to construction disputes.

Hong Kong University. Department of Law

Taught course on Topics in English and European Legal History with Mr. Alfred Cheng. Second Semester 2009-10.

Hong Kong Maritime Law Association

Lecture series on The Sale of Goods. Delivered 5 two-hour lectures on the Sale of Goods (including the Carriage of Goods by Sea).

Hong Kong Maritime Law Association

Lecture series on How To Be An Arbitrator: A Personal View. Delivered 5 two-hour lectures between January and February 2012 on Arbitration.


Book review. Sir Orby Mootham, The East India Company's Sadar Courts: 1801 - 1834. [1984] Cambridge Law Journal 311.


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Address. "The Future of the Judiciary: Reflections on Present Challenges to the Administration of Justice in Hong Kong", (2014) 44 Hong Kong Law Journal 429.


Article. "The Hague Conference on Private International Law in the Asia Pacific", (2015) 114(1) Kokusaiho Gaiko Zassi (Journal of International Law and Diplomacy) 27.


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